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Local water park part of worldwide event


Splash Kingdom and many other water parks around the world are among the places to be during the summer for families to swim and enjoy spending time with one another, creating memories that can last a lifetime. 

It’s also the place where many take their first step in pool safety, shaking off the fear of learning how to swim and extending that lifetime of memories.

On Thursday, June 20, the Hudson Oaks water park, along with folks in 44 states and 19 countries took part in a worldwide event known as The World’s Largest Swim Lesson (WLSL). The event was started 15 years ago by The World Water Association.

The WLSL is a global drowning prevention event designed to raise awareness of the risks involved with water and the critical importance of teaching kids to swim. According to the Center for Disease Control, drowning deaths have increased each year since 2020 for children between the ages of 1-4.  The American Red Cross has conducted research that states children between the ages of 1-4 who learn basic water safety, along with swim lessons, reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent.

In short, the sooner a child - or even an adult - learns to swim, the likelihood of drowning decreases. The better the swimmer, the safer someone is in the water, not only for themselves but also in the case of having to rescue someone else should the situation arise.

This is the third year that Splash Kingdom has participated in this free event that includes countries from Antigua to Zimbabwe. The message: “Swimming Lessons Save Lives.”

“We want to make everyone is aware that Splash Kingdom offers more than just water slides. Our first priority is water safety, and everyone is able to enjoy their experience as they spend their day with us” explained Geno Kloibere, Director of Risk Management and Aquatics of all four regional Splash Kingdoms.

Families from all came to take part of the event. Brittany Craine and her two children, 5-year-old Harper and 3-year-old Hunter, came from Granbury to not only to take part in the event. While there, they also decided to spend the day at Splash Kingdom having some family fun.

“I went online to explore where there was a water park that was close to us so that we could celebrate Hunter’s birthday next week” Brittany said.

The event drew around 75 participants in Hudson Oaks. Worldwide, the WLSL estimated that almost 40,000 people took part on six continents.


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