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Letters to the Editor

Come Together


Today our country feels as divided as I have ever seen it in my lifetime. This season of political ads, which each side attacking the other as “the enemy,” just magnify the hatred and vitriol that we see.

I’ve always said it is better to be kind than to be right. Rather than focus on our differences, why don’t we focus on what makes us similar, the things that unite us. We all want safe neighborhoods, good lives for our families, and the stability to work towards our goals. The only “enemies” out there are the ones who would seek to divide us against each other.

Now that the election is over, my hope would be that we can set aside our differences and remember that we are all in this together. Coming together at the table is more important now than ever, and in this upcoming season of thanks, I wish peace and happiness for our community and the country as a whole.

- Doyle Moss
Willow Park


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