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Letter to Editor

Christian Nationalism vs Christianity


Tim Dunn’s recent op-ed in the Midland Times denouncing his label as a Christian Nationalist was an amusing piece of gaslighting. 

There is no man in the State of Texas who has financed more lies, deceit, and unwarranted character assassination than Tim Dunn. Yet here he is, feigning hurt feelings over a “label.”

I, too, object to ill-defined labels. To that end, “Christian Nationalist,” much like “RINO,” “liberal,” and many other more caustic labels spewed out by his highly paid puppets, needs to be defined. “Christian Nationalism” must be clearly contrasted with “Christianity” so the two are never confused.       

A preferred one-sentence description of the difference between Christianity and Christian Nationalism is quite simple. Christianity is about love while Christian Nationalism is about power.

Don’t be fooled by Dunn’s claim that he is a “sometimes activist.” According to the Texas Ethics Commission, just since July of last year, he has spent $1.9 million on political contributions. For the last decade or so, he has funneled tens of millions of dollars into races across our entire state. 

Dunn and the PACs he funds have consistently been willing to support morally repugnant candidates as long as they are willing to “kiss the ring.”  This includes an individual who once said, “rape is nonexistent in marriage,” a representative expelled from the House for supplying alcohol to and having sexual relations with his 19-year-old female staffer, and someone who dressed up like a flamboyant Hitler for Halloween — that is just to name a few. Apparently, to achieve the power desired by Christian Nationalism, the end justifies the means.

Dunn has said “the Bible is mainly about politics.” Last I checked, the Bible is mainly about the love and forgiveness offered to humanity by Jesus Christ! The Jesus I believe in does not use politicians, partisan politics, intimidation, or personal destruction tactics to subjugate citizens to God’s authority. Rather, Jesus’ disciples sought people in need and showed them love.  

Christians are called to build the Church through love, not by political power. 

- State Rep. Glenn Rogers


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