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  Lasting legacy
On the third floor of the main building is a museum depicting the history of the home, which once had a mandolin orches- tra that traveled throughout the United States (it ended with World War II), along with a competition drill team until around 2006.
There was even a hospital at the home until the 1960s. If there were families, even those outside of a connection to the home, who couldn’t afford medical treat- ment elsewhere, they could come to the Pythian Home, Watson said.
Visitors to the Pythian Home are greeted with a hallway that takes them back in time. Many of the original light switches and fixtures throughout the facility are still in place, as are all of the original doors.
“When they built doors back then, they built them to last,” Watson said, smiling.
And, like many old buildings, the Pythian Home is believed by some to be haunted. However, Watson said she can’t confirm this.
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Living room area of a Pythian Home dorm
“I’ve never had an experience, but I also don’t come in at night,” she said with a chuckle.
One of the hallways is dedicated to administrators and employees, known as
the Hall of Honor. It includes Dora Hott, who worked there from 1957-97 in a vari- ety of roles.
“You never saw her without that hair- net on,” Watson said. “For my generation

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