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 Feeding Body and soul
The food pantry provides resources for people of Parker Couny.
 Center of Hope looks forward to combining services under one roof
The Center of Hope, a non-profit that has been a staple among Parker County’s charitable organizations, has been under expansion for many years. After operating out of various buildings with multiple locations around Weatherford, the center is slated in the final phase of developing its new property on Clear Lake Road.
Staci Markwardt, who was Development Director in 2018, was enthu- siastic about the center’s progress.
“Not only does it serve our people more but it could be a work training pro- gram for people learning about the food industry; we just have possibilities that we’ve never had before,” Markwardt said.
The center’s current program of help- ing people transition into the construc- tion career field is an objective the center wants to expand on.
“We are able to use a part of our new building to teach our students differ- ent skills in the construction industry,”
50 2019
The future Center of Hope location, which lies on Clear Lake Road.
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