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 puses in Springtown, including
The history behind the quilled creature dates back to the 1920s and a basket- ball team coached by Paul Montgomery.
According to school lore, Montgomery suggested one day that the team skip a practice and go decide on a mascot for the school. When the players returned, names were suggested, including
one suggestion by C.M. “Snake” Hutcheson — the por- cupine.
When asked why the por- cupine, Snake replied, “No one wants to get near a porcupine because they don’t want quills in them, nor do they want to become a target for quills.”
The group voted, with the porcupine selected by the majority.
While the mascot itself is
a rarity, Springtown adds a dimension of the school spirit with POJO, a nickname prom- inently displayed on the cam-
the 50-yard line of the new Porcupine Stadium.
“Pojo,” a rally chant, started as a joke among teammates but soon caught on to be a team spirit call.
Orange and black were chosen as Springtown’s col- ors in the mid-1920s as well. Several different color com- binations were voted on, but orange and black came out the winner and those colors have
Weatherford Kangaroos
In the early 1920s, Ray Morrison,
a beloved coach at Weatherford High School, accepted a position at Austin College in Sherman. Since Coach Morrison was so admired, Weatherford High School adopted the mascot of his new school, the kangaroo, as its own.
All schools in Weatherford ISD embrace the kangaroo mascot with school colors of Roo Blue and White.
Kangaroo Stadium, built in 1949, is still home to Roo football, soccer, and track and field.
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