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Deen’s second pri-
ority is transportation.
He pointed out that the Texas Department of Transportation has a 15-year window to add an additional lane to I-20.
“That’s unacceptable,” he said, and he has been work- ing with Mike Morris, North Central Texas Council of Governments, to find ways to accelerate the timeline.
“If you go through Weatherford now as you’re getting down through past Walsh Ranch, you’re starting to bottleneck up, and it’s very bad after 4 p.m. And then you start adding in a 300 percent growth projection in east Parker County.
“You’re talking about a nightmare. Then you factor in how can we help from a public safety standpoint and getting public safety vehi- cles. How can we protect our residents so it all ties in together?
“Coming from a transpor- tation standpoint, we’ve got to deal with that, but overall have a comprehensive plan for transportation for the county.”
To facilitate the coun- ty’s transportation plans, Deen worked with mayors
in Parker County to estab- lish the Mayors’ Council. Weatherford Mayor Craig Swancy serves as chair of
the organization, and Aledo Mayor Kit Marshall serves as co-chair.
“We’ve got great lead-
ers there that are going to
be running that thing and
so I’m very proud of that.
I think that lays the foun- dation with sitting down together and looking at what a comprehensive transporta-
New Parker County Judge Pat Deen enters the courthouse, where he presides over Commissioners Court. RANDY KECK/THE COMMUNITY NEWS
tion plan for Parker County is. We’re all working together and looking at the areas of growth.
“I’m no transportation expert, but I know this: I learned long ago leadership is really defined more in surrounding yourself with the right people to get the job done. And it ties in with public safety, because if you don’t have the infrastructure in place and the ability to get from point A to B, how are you going to get your public safety vehicles there? I’ve talked to Kit Marshall [Community Liaison for Emergency Preparedness] about this as well.”
Deen also wants to work with school districts to help plan locations for future schools in conjunction with transportation plans.
Transparency and
other priorities
Deen’s third focus is transparency.
“I intend to take trans- parency to a level that’s never been before in this county.”
He plans a county newsletter “outlining A to
Z, everything to do from financial health, financial transparency, transporta- tion projects, overall county operations, including county assets and bringing that to the public. It’s their money and they need to know what’s going on and I intend to take this to a whole new level.”
Deen also has a focus on economic development and high wage job growth. “I think in the county there’s a space, while maintaining the rural integrity of the county, to bring in high-wage jobs. I would much rather our chil- dren stay in Parker county rather than having to go into to to Fort Worth or Dallas
to find jobs that pay well, and we can do that and still maintain who we are.”
- Randy Keck

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