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Children enjoy the water feature at Love Street Park.
more successful, and we will continue to build on that.”
Blooms Home and Garden Festival, held in the spring, presents plant and craft ven- dors and gardening presenta- tion sessions. The expansive and historic Chandor Gardens are located inside city limits, offering a quiet respite close to downtown.
Culturally, Weatherford
is home to the Doss Heritage and Cultural Center, the Museum of the Americas, and Parker County’s largest library, Weatherford Public Library. Weatherford also has a thriv- ing Art Association whose members display their work throughout the city.
Weatherford is also home to a large farmer’s market and the First Monday Trade Days.
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Weatherford, Parker County’s largest city in both size and population, sits at the center of the county and also houses the county gov- ernment as the county seat. Parker County was originally created in 1855 by the Texas State Legislature, named for pioneer and state represen- tative Joseph Parker. When the town of Weatherford was created as the county seat,
it was named for Thomas Jefferson Weatherford, the state senator who represented Parker County’s district and co-authored the bill establish- ing the county. Weatherford was officially incorporated in 1858, with a post office created in 1859.
Weatherford prospered
as a busy stop on the stage lines from Fort Worth to Fort Belknap, and later as a railroad hub – by the mid 1890s, tracks from Texas and Pacific Railway
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Railway, the Santa Fe line, and Weatherford, Mineral Wells and Northwestern Railway
all appeared in the city. Other businesses began setting up shop in what was then, and now, the business and agricul- ture center of the county.
Weatherford continues
to pay tribute to its cowboy roots today, boasting legendary cattle drivers Oliver Loving, Charles Goodnight, and Bose Ikard among the builders of
its history. The annual Parker County Frontier Days and Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo is one
of the largest in the state of Texas. The city is still known as the cutting horse capital of the world.
Weatherford also hosts the annual Parker County Peach Festival each July, celebrating famous Parker County peaches. There are a variety of other events throughout the year.
The city’s largest park, Heritage Park, holds several seasonal events, including the 4th of July celebration “Spark in the Park,” a series of sum- mer concerts, the Christmas celebration “Holiday in the Park,” and movie and food truck nights. Attendance at some park events was well over the 10,000 mark in 2018.
The events are part of
a larger push by the city to attract visitors – the brand “Experience Weatherford” was established to help streamline the process of coming to the county seat. The city launched an app through which visitors can directly book their hotel rooms and plan their stay.
“We wanted to create more quality-of-life events that could not only be enjoyed by our residents, but by visitors,” said Blake Rexroat, Director of Communications for the city. “It’s just continued becoming
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