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In the early history of Peaster, John and Elizabeth Freeman came to the area before it was a town. The small community was named Freeman in honor of John Freeman and later changed
to Fremont. The Freemans returned to Arkansas and
the name was changed to Peaster when the State of Texas revealed a post office
by that name. H. H. Peaster and his sister and uncle came to the area around 1870 from Georgia. He purchased 160 acres, built a house, and began selling lots.
Uncle Henry, as he was known, donated two acres of land for the Peaster Cemetery. Later, he and Tom Hunt gave an acre each and the Peaster College was built as a second- ary school in 1890-91, serving the area for some 25 years
in the same location where
20 2019
the Peaster School campus is today.
As the area grew, resi- dents discovered conditions suitable for growing cotton. A cotton gin was built, followed by churches, a general store, bank, and other businesses. Many people prospered in the area, but in the early 1920s boll weevils destroyed the crops before harvest. The peo- ple were forced to leave their farms and seek other means of income in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area. The bank closed in 1936 and few businesses remained.
Some of the farmers remained in the area and turned to other avenues of agriculture such as growing watermelons or cantaloupes, or becoming dairy farmers.
Fast forward to today, and the area is growing, as many families are moving into the area. The school district con-
tinues to grow each year and will continue to do so as the developments continue to cover the one-time farm and ranch lands. There are new businesses in the area and oth- ers will come in the future.
A group of residents saw the growth beginning and realized that if Peaster was
to remain Peaster, action had to occur. This group met for about a year working on a plan to incorporate the town.
On Nov. 7, 2017, a ballot measure to incorporate the Town of Peaster was approved by voters. Don Smelley was elected Mayor and Paul Casey and Keith Busby were elected Commissioners without oppo- sition.
“We started from scratch, working slowly, to make sure we’re legal,” Smelley said. “We are a little bedroom commu- nity right now, but as we grow, that’s going to change. By
incorporating, we can keep as much of the small-town feel as possible, while we grow.”
Smelley, Casey, and Busby were re-elected without oppo- sition in May 2018 and will serve through May 2020.
- Rose Hoffman and Shirley Smelley
Population: 385
Phone: 817-597-7008
Mayor: Don Smelley
Paul Casey Keith Busby
Shirley Smelley
Monthly Council Meeting:
6 p.m. second Monday of the month, Peaster High School Library, 3600 Harwell Lake Road
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