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Millsap’s original log cabin and post office were moved to the city’s Heritage Park.
The city of Millsap, in west- ern Parker County, remains a city largely untouched by recent development.
Once a bustling center of commerce at the intersection
of the rail line and the nation’s first transcontinental highway, Millsap played a lesser role in commerce after the highway was modernized in the 1930’s and moved elsewhere.
“We had banks, a cotton gin, and a hotel,” said City Manager Mark Barnes. “After the ‘30s it started dwindling down to what it is today. But we are just start- ing to see steady growth again.”
The core of Millsap remained, preserving the town’s history and continuing to build for its future. The original cabin and post office for the city were
moved to the center of town in what is now the city’s Heritage Park, near the railroad tracks. A road project in the works will help ease traffic flow as the city prepares for more traffic.
An S-curve in the center
of town, crossing the railroad tracks, will be straightened out, at the cost of a few older unoc- cupied downtown buildings.
“It’s really been a problem for a long time, especially when a train comes through,” Barnes said. “The buildings have been bought and they are going to straighten it out so it’s a much safer gradual turn.”
Millsap ISD is a well-regard- ed cornerstone of the communi- ty, and superintendent Deanne Lee said exciting things are hap- pening in the district.
“We have our first student going to the Ivy League this year,” Lee said. “And our valedic- torian is also our cheer captain. One benefit of a small school
is extremely well-rounded stu- dents.”
Millsap is above average
in ACT/SAT scores and offers both advanced placement and dual credit courses through Weatherford College. Lee said the district offers a lot of oppor- tunity for students.
“Our motto is ‘Your child, their dreams, our mission,’”
she said. “These are kids from a small rural community and we want them to know they are capable of everything.”
- Rosealee Hoffman
 18 2019
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Population: 401
Phone: 940-682-7446
Mayor: Jamie French
Mayor Pro Tem: Michael Kinman
Council Members:
Teresa Howard Sally Uribe Chris Schofield Yolanda Miller Teresa Howard
City Manager/Secretary:
Mark Barnes
City Hall:
208 Fannin
Millsap, Texas 76066
Monthly Council Meeting:
7 p.m. last Tuesday of the month, Millsap City Hall, 208 Fannin, Millsap

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