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he aptly-named Fourth of July festival “Boomin’ 4th” represents the commercial boom town Hudson Oaks, founded in 1978, has become.
Located next to and direct- ly north of Interstate 20, Hudson Oaks is one of the few Texas cities without ad valor- em property taxes.
Originally, the city was founded by the Oakridge and Hudson Heights neighbor- hoods to create a local government that followed the resi- dents’ vision. One of the doctrines of that vision was low taxes.
“We are proud that we are one of
the few cities in the state of Texas without property tax,” City Administrator Patrick Lawler said. “In order to do that, we have to develop very intelli-
on recruiting the type of busi- ness – and H-E-B and John Deere are perfect examples of that – that will be around for a long time,” Lawler added.
“Traffic also flows into our commercial district which will allow us to build additional commercial developments. Commercial business is what generates us and keeps us moving. Our business dis- trict and our businesses are extremely important to us.”
Also, to make Hudson Oaks even more attractive, the city has installed infrastructure for high-speed internet, cre-
gently. The way that we do that Lights Hudson Oaks) and a is through retail-generated water park (Splash Kingdom
sales tax.”
To help maintain that savings for residents, Hudson Oaks has actively courted busi- ness development, and is home to several large car dealerships, big box stores, restaurants, and specialty retail. The city also
has a movie theater (City
Wild West). All of these attract visitors to the city, which is rel- atively small in land area.
Hudson Oaks’ latest coup is the addition of an H-E-B grocery store. Construction is underway with an April 2019 target date for its opening.
“We are trying to develop long-term sources of revenue,” Lawler said. “We go after specific types of retail users
that have longevity. We have been very
  Dirt work on the Hudson Oaks H-E-B
began in the summer of 2018. H-E-B will anchor the Oakey Corridor in the city.

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