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“Old Glory” and “The Lone Star” wave cheerfully at motorists from the property gateway of Keith and Cheryl Jernigan on Old Annetta Road.
The open prairie land- scape community in East Parker County called “The Annettas” includes the munic- ipalities of Annetta, Annetta North and Annetta South.
Annetta is an incorporated municipality located west of Aledo between Annetta North and Annetta South, south of Interstate 20. The town is 5.5 square miles of mostly residen- tial and agricultural property.
The community was estab- lished in the 1880s as a station and store for buffalo hide traders and was named for the daughter of its founder A.B. Fraser.
Because of concerns about annexation by other taxing
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entities, including the City
of Fort Worth, in 1979 the Annetta Community incor- porated into three different cities, Annetta, Annetta North, and Annetta South. All three cities, while taking different approaches, have shown a pas- sionate commitment to main- taining their rural atmosphere.
Annetta began in the mid-1870s when Fraser opened a store and freight station in between Aledo and Weatherford and named the city after his daughter, Anneta. (Over the years, the town’s spelling changed, and the spelling of “Annetta” was final- ly settled upon.)
Settlers continued to create farms and ranches in the area.
Eventually the land around FM 5 and Old Annetta Road would become a haven for those seeking open spaces and a country way of life, a quality that remains a priority today.
In 2016, Annetta, known as “The Friendly City,” passed a comprehensive plan and engi- neering design manual, cre- ating development regulation to manage growth in the area. Annetta North and Annetta South also implemented com- prehensive planning and land use designations.
Infrastructure is also a concern of local leadership with incoming housing devel- opments, and Annetta has taken strides the past few years to stay ahead of the growth
– investing in and improving water and wastewater systems.
The Town of Annetta is planning for coming growth and has recently approved a new future land use map and a new comprehensive plan.
“We continue beautification projects at the Annetta Town Hall, in addition to road resur- facing major thoroughfares and upgrades to our water sys- tem, including an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), to be more efficient and responsive to our customers,” Annetta Mayor Bruce Pinkard said.
Annetta is the home of Split Rail Golf Course, the Annetta United Methodist
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