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Letters to the Editor

Supporting Olcott


Even though I am too young to vote in this Primary, I am still able to come to the decision that Mr. Olcott is the best candidate for HD60. He has proven over the past several years his outspokenness and enthusiasm for conservatives by leading Parker County Conservatives, and always being the first one to stand up for our values and beliefs. I support Mr. Olcott because he is an admirable and honorable man of courage and knowledge. I trust Mr. Olcott when he says he will not support taxpayer-funded lobbyist groups down in Austin; I think this should be a top priority for voters to consider when voting for HD60. Who has the backbone and character to say no to these lobbyists? Who isn’t afraid to be the only one to stand up for what’s right and moral? Who is going to make the biggest impact in Austin? I believe that’s Mike Olcott.

Vote Mike Olcott for Texas House District 60


- Gwendolyn Galle
Willow Park


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