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Letter to the Editor

The election was clean


Last year, our Texas Legislature answered the call to pass an Election Integrity bill. They made it harder to cheat and easier to vote. With the 2022 Primary season, Texas showed the nation what secure elections look like. Yet our local elections were questioned… by outsiders.

After the Republican Primary Runoff, some candidates requested a recount. Recounts are fine, they typically just prove what was already known. What is wrong, however, is the assault on local election officials.

Just as the third-parties like Defend Texas Liberty PAC did during the campaigns, third-parties are spewing lies about the election process. It is deeply troublesome to see non-resident political agents, like Dr. Laura Pressley, coming to our community to stir up anger, to blame our officials for wrongdoing, and to make completely unsubstantiated claims of fraud. These political operatives wish to squash the truth. They are Austin swamp-creatures that undermine local control by denying facts and weaving a false narrative. They want to drain us of our local power and they want to transfer the power to the swamp.

We have always had faith in our election workers here in Parker County. We must reject the political minions who come here seeking to plant seeds of distrust in our local government. Our local leaders are our neighbors and friends, not our enemies. Our community leaders deserve our respect and our thanks for running such a smooth election.

Know this: Your vote was counted. Your opinion mattered. Your voice was heard.

-Hunter Reynolds

Willow Park


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