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Letter to the Editor

Thank You So Much!


Friday, June 3, was not a typical morning. About to close the garage door, I noticed a movement, a snake slithering on the concrete. I startled it while taking its photo, and it bolted amidst boxes. After reviewing the photo, I couldn’t tell if the 3-to-4-foot snake was venomous.

So, whom did I call? Years ago, the Willow Park Fire Department assisted in removing a snake from the garage. But this time after I got their voicemail, I called the Parker County Sheriff’s Office non-urgent number. I explained the situation with the snake--not knowing whether it was venomous and could they please send someone to remove it; the dispatcher got the wheels in motion. It was Willow Park Police Department (Corporal Wolfe) who appeared on my driveway with Animal Services (Officer Rich) a few minutes later.

Because he could not easily identify the snake in the photo, Officer Rich made sure that Corporal Wolfe and I stood a distance away while he shined his flashlight and carefully removed and inspected the items from the area where it had disappeared. When he located the snake in a tight crevice, Officer Rich was persistent as the snake was difficult to capture once it was on the move.

After concerted efforts, Officer Rich captured the snake and safely placed it into a bag using snake catcher tongs, while Corporal Wolfe continued to shine the flashlight. Although Officer Rich was unable to identify the snake at the time, he felt the snake was not venomous. 

The teamwork of precautionary and cautionary effort(s) in the removal of the snake was enlightening to watch. Afterwards, Corporal Wolfe and Officer Rich even offered to help place back the items that had been removed. I am truly and deeply grateful to the Parker County Dispatcher, Corporal Wolfe, and Officer Rich. Thank you so much for your kindness and care, for all of your help, and for all you do to help maintain a safe environment! 

- Frances Horch
Willow Park


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