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October Bearcats of Character - Perspective


The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recognized the second group of students named Bearcats of Character for the 2023-2024 school year on Monday night for the character trait perspective.

As a part of the district's character education program, called the Positivity Project or P2, the district each month recognizes the good character on display by the great students across all of Aledo ISD.

P2 says that someone with the strength of perspective can see the big picture and make sense of the world’s complexity. Gaining perspective often comes with time and experience, but it can also be gained through truly listening to others when they talk — and working to understand new points of view when reading books, listening to stories, or watching movies. 

Congratulations to the following students, Aledo ISD's October 2023 Bearcats of Character.

Bruno Nogueira, 12th grade

Aledo High School

Bruno always displays the ability to compromise and see from other people’s point of views. He always puts a smile on people’s faces due to his kindness and empathy that is facilitated by his way of getting along well with his peers due to his perspective.

Melony Bradley, 10th grade

Aledo Learning Center

Of Melony, Mrs. Guice, her English teacher said, "Melony understands differences in people and accepts them as they are. She also recognizes bias in those who aren't accepting of others and has expressed how they are missing out on developing relationships with people who are different from them."

Omari Din-Mbuh, 9th grade

Daniel Ninth Grade

I am nominating Omari because he always sees the good in people. He is never negative, he is always smiling, and he always knows the right thing to say to someone when they need it the most.

Grace Ruse, 7th grade

Aledo Middle School

Grace has been vocal about sharing her personal experiences as we study the body systems. She is able to enlighten her class with her knowledge of the ways different systems work. I am so proud that she is aware that using what she knows can help connect content for other students.

Josue Solano, 7th grade

McAnally Middle School

MMS teacher, Mrs. Tovar, shares: Josue's progress in school and maturity since I first met him at the beginning of last school year is evidence of his perspective. Perspective is the ability to bridge the gap between thinking and feeling while taking into account the situation. Josue understands the importance of working hard to improve his educational outcome. He doesn't allow his struggles to define or limit him; instead he pushes past them and challenges himself to improve each day and does it with a smile on his face. He always has time to listen to his friends and offer encouragement and advice. He celebrates the successes of others and doesn't feel threatened by them. Josue has a persistent desire to improve his reading and writing skills and genuinely seems to enjoy learning and school. He is a delight to have in the classroom because of his jovial personality, youthful wisdom and can-do spirit.

Louis Bacigalupo, 4th grade

Annetta Elementary School

Louis's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Monroe says, "Louis has blown me away with his responses to our class discussions on different situations this year. He is insightful and can see what others cannot. Louis goes above and beyond to look at things from another's perspective. He doesn't stop there though, he takes action to help others in our classroom and community."

Quinn Romero, 5th grade

Coder Elementary School

5th grade teacher, Mrs. Lufkin: "Quinn is kind and is able to see and understand what another child may be feeling. She is always willing to be a friend and has patience with all of her schoolmates. Every day she is a good friend to everyone and Coder is lucky to have her!

Amalia Marrero Guzman, Kinder

McCall Elementary School

Amalia's teacher, Mrs. Casi Faulk: "Amalia has the kindest, most helpful disposition and strives to make new friends each day. She was recently involved in an incident at recess where another student said very hurtful words. While she was understandably upset, she was also able to reflectively say, 'I don't think he knows how powerful his words are. Maybe someone was rude to him, too.' She was able to empathize with the person who hurt her and see the matter from a different perspective."

Violet Newburn, 5th grade

Stuard Elementary School

Violet's daily perspective is something we ALL can learn from. She comes to school each day with a bright and joyful outlook on life. Her positive attitude is contagious and something to truly be admired. Violet makes a significant impact on those she comes in contact with. WE LOVE VIOLET!

Kenzie Primera, 4th Grade

Vandagriff Elementary School

Teachers Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Keating: "Kenzie is a sweet, compassionate, and hardworking student. Because of her kind and respectful attitude, Kenzie works well with others while using her time wisely during class. She shows perspective by having empathy towards others in and out of the classroom. She is able to appreciate when others see things in different ways and has the ability to understand the world from multiple points of view. Kenzie is also responsible, honest and is a pleasure to have in class."

Lyla Olvera, 4th Grade

Walsh Elementary School

From Lyla's teacher, Mrs. Ulmer: "Lyla is a shining example of this perspective. From the very first day of the school year, Lyla has consistently demonstrated an impressive ability to understand and appreciate different viewpoints. Whether it's during classroom discussions, group projects, or conflicts that arise on the playground, she consistently shows empathy and open-mindedness towards her peers. She has been an advocate for inclusion and has actively contributed to a more harmonious and empathetic classroom environment."


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