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Marshall receives chamber’s first honorary membership


The East Parker County Chamber of Commerce recently announced that former Aledo Mayor Kit Marshall has become the chamber’s first Honorary Member.

According to a release from the chamber, “Honorary membership is extended to an individual who has performed acts or deeds so exceptional on behalf of the betterment of the Chamber’s ideals and purposes as to be recognized by the voting membership so long as the individual lives.”

Marshall is a charter member of the chamber, joining in 1996. She served two terms on the board of directors, and has served on the Economic Development Committee, Governmental Affairs Committee, Spelldown committee for three years, and Awards Banquet committee for two-three years.

Marshall was instrumental in two projects once done by the chamber, but now assumed by local cities: Christmas Tyme in Aledo and Hudson Oaks Boomin’ Fourth.

Outside the chamber, Marshall served on the Aledo City Council for 20 years.

 The chamber board unanimously approved the honor in August.

“I don't like to be the first in line but I sure do like being the first to accomplish something or to achieve something,” Marshall said. “I was blown away and and continue to be honored will always be honored to have received the first ever honorary membership for a five star chamber.”

Marshall particularly has fond memories of the Spelldown, a community-participation spelling bee hosted by the chamber several years ago. Various community organizations would choose a book and dress as its characters while participating in a spelling bee.

“I brought the Spelldown event to the chamber; I actually got that from Springtown. Because it was such a collaboration with the school district and community at large.”

Marshall currently serves as Parker County’s Community Liaison for Emergency Preparedness.


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