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Hudson Oaks

Hudson Oak's Council wastewater agreement approved to unite with neighboring Willow Park


Following up on a decision by Willow Park’s City Council two nights earlier, Hudson Oaks City Council moved forward with a new wastewater facility usage agreement. The council solidified the union at its meeting on Thursday, June 27.

The City of Hudson Oaks approached Willow Park city staff months ago about the possibility of Willow Park treating wastewater from Hudson Oaks once the new wastewater treatment plant goes online. At their June 25 meeting, the Willow Park Council approved the agreement.

Hudson Oaks and Willow Park were already sharing water usage.

Hudson Oaks agrees to pay 20% of the construction cost of the new plant (about $3,678,000), and for the next 20 years will pay 20% of the operational costs.

For this they will be allowed to send up to 150,000 gallons of wastewater to the plant daily. The plant is currently being built to treat 750,000 gallons.

Should the plant need to be expanded in the future, Hudson Oaks reserves the right to purchase additional treatment capabilities.

“One of the main contributing factors for Hudson Oaks to proceed with this endeavor was the city’s AA credit rating. With this rating, the city was able to obtain bonds, money, at a very low interest rate,” explained Hudson Oaks City Administrator Sterling Naron.

He noted this also keeps Hudson Oaks a property tax-free city.


The facility is already under construction. Willow Park is responsible for the design, engineering and construction of the facility. 

The new facility is located in Willow Park on JD Towles Road. Hudson Oaks will be responsible for the transmission line to get Hudson Oak’s wastewater to the facility.

“With this new facility in place, it allows both cities to grow and ensures that all residents get to rely on their corresponding cities to provide for their needs” explained Naron.


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