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Weatherford City Council

Costco highlights more growth coming


The Tuesday, Jan. 23 meeting of the Weatherford City Council was all about future growth for the city and its citizens. Over the past few years, several new businesses have come to call Weatherford home and they have thrived and become part of the city’s landscape.

There was a full agenda at this meeting and it was all about adding to that landscape.

Highlighting the evening was the council approving a Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement with Costco. Such agreements enable cities to provide incentives encouraging developers to build in their jurisdictions and typically take the form of property tax abatements, loans or grants, commitments for infrastructure, or payments of portions of the sales tax generated by the project. 

The new Costco will be 160,000 square feet in size and construction is expected to begin this summer. Anticipated completion date is early 2025.

“It’s no secret that Weatherford and Parker County are growing at an unprecedented rate, and with that comes opportunities," Mayor Paul Paschall said. "When we look at growth, we seek valuable development that will enhance the quality of life for our residents, and the addition of Costco accomplishes that by bringing quality jobs, a wonderful amenity, and an excellent community partner."

The addition of Costco to the community is expected to bring around 200 new jobs to the area.

Paschall also noted that Costco’s decision to expand into Weatherford will have a positive economic impact, generating valuable opportunity for quality businesses and retailers, particularly at the I-20 and Center Point Road quadrant, where Costco will be located.

A preliminary plot of the project is listed on the Weatherford City Council’s video agenda on the city of Weatherford website at https://www.weatherfordtx.gov/.

The location is expected to also include a gas station, pharmacy, optical center and more.

The nearest Costo currently is in Fort Worth near Hulen Mall.

Also coming

The council also granted a conditional use permit for a new Mahindra Tractor dealership. This is just for the sale of new tractors. They will take used tractors in trade ins but will sell the used tractors offsite.

Another addition will be a new Quick Trip gas station and convenience store. The proposed site is located at 2551 South Main St. and the building will be 5,312 square feet.

It will also include two diesel bays, but no semi-truck parking. 

This will be a smaller store due to the fact it is designed for city conveniance rather than semi-truck usage. There will be no long-term or overnight parking, no truck wash, no restaurant, and no national fleet accounts. 

So, everyday drivers will not have to be concerned with traffic jams and limited traffic flow.

Expected start of construction is 90-120 days.


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