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Aledo ISD

Bearcats of Character named for May


As a part of the Aledo ISD’s new character education program - the Positivity Project or P2 - the district has launched Aledo Bearcats of Character that recognizes the good character on display by students across the district. In May, Aledo ISD Trustees recognized Bearcats of Character with Fairness! P2 says that someone displaying fairness believes that all people have value. These students approach situations with an unbiased mindset and treat everyone with respect!

Aledo High School: Noah Medley, 10th grade

This is Noah’s first year in Aledo schools. Noah has shown tremendous tenacity and strength throughout the year. He has developed strong relationships not only with other students but also with many faculty members. Noah came on his own to our Parenting University session back in March and spoke to other students and families about the challenges that teens face and his motivation to be a change agent for other students and his future children. Noah is an incredible asset to Aledo High School and the Aledo community.

Aledo Learning Center: Kira Smith, 10th grade

Kira is always fair with her fellow students. She finds value in all of the work she puts forth in class and treats every person in the building with the same amount of respect.

Daniel Ninth Grade: Ella Ward, 9th grade

Ella does a great job with standing up for those that may be getting treated unfairly in her class, whether that be the group project work load or just overhearing a conversation. Ella is a positive role model and does what is needed to ensure that everyone is treated with the respect that they deserve. 

Aledo Middle School: Natalie Hutson, 8th grade 

Natalie is an excellent student. She has shown leadership in academics and extracurricular activities. She has high expectations for herself and models good character for all students at AMS. Her nominating teacher stated that she is empathetic, trustworthy, and treats all students equally with fairness and compassion. She is truly a difference maker at AMS and we look forward to seeing the amazing things she accomplishes in the years to come! 

McAnally Intermediate School: Landry Kasper, 6th grade

From one of his teachers: Landry is always willing to be a friend and work with any student in class. He volunteers to work with students that are struggling and gives everyone a fresh start each day. He ensures that everyone feels like a welcome member of our classroom community. 

From another of Landry’s teachers: Landry gives all classmates his full attention when they are presenting in class or answering a question, showing that he respects what everyone has to say. Landry treats everyone equally and shows respect to all students and staff.      

Annetta Elementary School: Avery Doss, 3rd grade

Avery’s classroom teacher said, “Avery does her best every day to exemplify fairness. She treats her classmates kindly and goes out of her way to help others, no matter the circumstance.”

Coder Elementary School: Charlotte Kent, 2nd grade

From her teacher: “Charlotte is an absolute joy to have in class. She is the perfect example of a student who is genuine and fair. Charlotte believes in always doing the right thing and is always putting the feelings of others before her own. She is thoughtful, caring, and inclusive of others. Charlotte brings such a positive attitude to the classroom and is very deserving of this award. It is an honor to know and love her.  

McCall Elementary School: Talin Kendrick, 5th  grade

Talin has a true heart for the underdog.  When we have competitions in class, he always advocates for others, wanting everyone to feel successful. And if he feels an injustice has been served, he speaks up respectfully for that child. McCall Elementary is honored to have Talin represent them for Fairness as a Bearcat of Character!

Stuard Elementary School: Luke Tarrant, 5th grade

Luke’s peers say: “Luke always lets people join his group. He is kind to everyone around him. He will say something if somebody is being treated unfairly. He tries to figure out arguments and solve the problem so everyone is happy.” 

Mrs. Crimmings, Luke’s homeroom teacher said: “Luke has a charisma about him. He makes people feel like they are his best friend...that’s why he has so many! He is a problem solver but he wants people’s opinions to be heard and valued. I have never heard him question fairness-he takes what he is given and makes the best of it. He is going to do big things!” 

Vandagriff Elementary School: Maylin Renshaw, 2nd grade

Maylin always treats everyone with equal respect. She is careful to take turns and share with others. Her heart is good and kind. She cares deeply for her peers and wishes the best for everyone around her. She is inclusive and fair with all students who surround her. 

Walsh Elementary School: Ansley Killian, Kindergarten

Ansley embodies fairness in all that she does. She treats everyone with respect and kindness. Ansley is often able to help her peers through situations in that she is able identify how it might feel to be in someone else’s shoes. She has unbiased opinions and truly wants to see the good in all.


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