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Aledo ISD

Bearcats of Character named for April


The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recently honored 11 students with the Bearcats of Character designation. Aledo ISD began recognizing Bearcats of Character shortly after beginning the character education program Positivity Project - or P2 - in 2021-2022.

P2 says that a person with the character strength of humor is skilled at seeing the funny side of things, bringing smiles and laughter to others, and identifying and communicating the absurdities in life. It is also well known that humor has health benefits as well — both mental and physical. Humor plays an important role in stretching the mind to look at things from a different perspective, and it also promotes positive emotions within individuals, better connections between groups, and even helps to improve focus.

Below are the Bearcats of Character along with comments from their nominations.

Aiden Stover

Aiden Stover, 11th grade

Aledo High School

Aiden is a spectacular addition to my day. She always has a smile and something funny to say. You will also never wonder what Aiden is thinking because her face says it all. She is a true joy and I am so glad that I get one more year to watch her grow and flourish!

Willie Salmon

Willie Salmon, 12th grade

Aledo Learning Center

Willie is always in a good mood and enjoys laughing. He can find the humor in just about anything and shows his humor in his interactions with others. Among all of his great qualities, Willie is great at making people smile, especially when they are having a bad day. He tries to lift others up with a silly joke or a smile. Principal Cheryl Jones said of Willie, “Sometimes, I don’t think he even realizes he is doing it, it is just part of his good nature and kind heart. And he has great taste in music!” His science teacher, Gayla Fernandez, commented that he has a “pleasant personality” and that he “loves a good laugh."

Kyle Stodola

Kyle Stodola, 9th grade

Daniel Ninth Grade Campus

Kyle uses humor in an appropriate manner to encourage and reinforce others with positive intent. Mr. Albin shared that Kyle made a 3D printed model of his (Mr. Albin’s) bald head and face with octopus tentacles and called it an Albinopod! The students and Mr. Albin got a kick out of this creation and thought it was hilarious! Mrs. Cooper shared that Kyle enthusiastically dresses up for every dress up day and genuinely has fun promoting school spirit through his chosen costumes. Mr. Bruton shared that Kyle tends to make it difficult for him to get through an introduction of an activity for class, because of his humorous facial expressions he displays when getting excited about an engineering build or activity. Kyle is constantly cracking the staff and his peers up with his humorous antics and consistently adds great energy and humor to our day!

Ledger Hudman

Ledger Hudman, 6th grade

Aledo Middle School

Ledger is always finding the joy and humor in things that happen. Each day he comes to class and brightens the room with his sense of humor and quick wittedness. I love that he is able to do this without disrupting class, staying respectful to his teacher and without making anyone feel left out or picked on. Even when things don't go his way, he is able to find a sliver of humor to it. If he can tell that someone is having a bad day, he is quickly able to cheer them up with a quick joke or a silly remark. Nothing seems to stop him in finding joy and humor even when it is difficult. Ledger is an excellent example of the character strength humor.

Wyatt Bobo

Wyatt Bobo, 7th grade

McAnally Middle School

Wyatt's social studies teacher, Mr. Landrum, shared that "Wyatt always catches me off guard with random comments. It always seems that he's able to get a laugh out of me in a way that other students can't. His humor is truly genuine, too, and always brightens my eighth period." Teachers recognize that when Wyatt has a connection with a teacher, his humor really shines and he is witty and funny kid! Thank you, Wyatt, for helping us all remember to enjoy the moment and that laughter is important!

Rosie Case

Rosie Case, 5th grade

Annetta Elementary School

From Ms. Williams, 5th grade teacher: “Rosie brings joy to the people around her every day with her wit and humorous personality. She is so funny! Along with humor, Rosie also displays the character strengths of self-control and social awareness by choosing the correct times and places to make jokes and be silly. She makes us laugh every day and makes our classroom a happier place!"

Ethan Hungerford

Ethan Hungerford, 4th grade

Coder Elementary School

From Laura Patton, 4th Grade Teacher: “Ethan has a bright smile and contagious energy. His zest to laugh and bring joy to others around him are strong personality traits. Ethan loves to be amazed and is intensely curious, fun-loving and happy. It is a true pleasure to have him in my class!”

From Mrs. Andrews, Music Teacher : “Ethan is a bright student who is usually thinking 2-3 steps ahead of me. He almost always has a connection to whatever it is I’m teaching, and his gift is making us laugh. If he can’t think of a joke that relates, he makes one up. On multiple occasions, he has created a new song that may (or may not) go along with what we are doing in music class. He certainly keeps me on my toes. It will be exciting to see what his future holds."

Jordan Rodriguez

Jordan Rodriguez, 1st grade

McCall Elementary School

Jordan’s teacher, Mrs. Bryant, had this to say about Jordan: "Jordan lights up the classroom when he comes in. He loves to dance and giggle. His laugh is so contagious you can't help but smile and laugh with him. We love his humor and happiness! What a blessing he is to McCall!"

Dexter Pritchett

Dexter Pritchett, 2nd grade

Stuard Elementary School

Mrs. Mooney, 2nd grade teacher, said “Dex's smile lights up every room he is in. His humor is full of joy and is always for something positive. Dex is continually helping to bring a smile to face of others. He is funny, witty, and such a light in the world!”

Henry Abstein

Henry Abstein, 3rd Grade

Vandagriff Elementary School

Specials teachers say that Henry can find the appropriate humor in most situations. He always has a smile on his face that is contagious to others.

Ms. K says Henry is always cheerful and usually smiling in my class. He also likes to ham it up sometimes too, in order to make friends laugh! Henry has a very fun personality and I’m happy to welcome him to class.

Mrs. Grimm says Henry is not only a hardworking student, he has a kind and wonderful spirit. He almost always has a smile on his face, which is quite infectious. He likes to laugh and he likes to make others laugh. He doesn’t know a stranger and can talk to students and adults alike with the greatest of ease. If anyone needs to be cheered up, Henry is the student to call!

Will Wurster

Will Wurster, 5th Grade

Walsh Elementary School

From Will's teacher, Mrs. Campbell: “I have seen firsthand how Will's humor has positively impacted our classroom and school community. He has an incredible ability to make others laugh, even during challenging or stressful situations. Whether it's through witty comments, hilarious impressions, or clever puns, Will's humor always brings a smile to everyone's face. He is able to create a lighthearted and fun atmosphere in our classroom, which helps to boost morale and relieve tension. I am honored (and delighted) to be a part of the joy he brings to school each day.”

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