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Aledo ISD 

Aledo Growth Committee to plan for ongoing influx of students 

Application available for community members to join through Aug. 12 


The rapid enrollment growth in the Aledo ISD was on everyone’s mind when the school board voted to convene a growth committee to formulate a plan for needed future facilities and to develop the inevitable bond proposal that would fund them. 

At the special meeting on Monday, July 25, Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn reviewed the presentation from the district’s demographers in June (See The Community News, July 1, 2022). 

“What we’re talking about tonight is moving forward to make sure that we’re planning ahead to take care of the needs of our kids as we grow,” Bohn said, adding that “one of every four kids has moved to Aledo over the last five years.” 

Another reality that might be difficult for many long-time Aledoans is Bohn’s look into the far future. 

“I just want to make sure you guys know that when we hear about what our buildout might be like, we’re not talking about one or two high schools; we’re talking about multiple, probably four or five, depending on what high school is like in Aledo in the future,” Bohn said. “And so that’s just a little context to give our community with respect to this. I think one thing that is our responsibility, the responsibility of our partners, media partners, and others in the community, leaders in the community, is that we’re in a different type of growth scenario now than we’ve ever been. 

“And it’s different for the entire community to come to terms with; it’s not bad, it’s just different. It’s something that we certainly have to plan for, because we know it’s coming.” 

The student population projections show Coder, McCall, and Walsh Elementary School attendance zones at capacity by the 2023-2024 school year.
The student population projections show Coder, McCall, and Walsh Elementary School attendance zones at capacity by the 2023-2024 school year.

Based on data from Population and Survey Analysts (PASA) and current attendance zones, three of the district’s six elementary schools (Coder, McCall, and Walsh) will reach their capacity by the next (2023-24) school year. Another two campuses (Annetta and Stuard) will max out in the following 2024-25 school year. 

In fact, overall K-5 student population will exceed the district’s capacity in 2024-25. 

In addition, based on projections of new growth, the yet-to-open McAnally Middle School will reach its capacity in four years; overall district capacity for grades 6-8 and Aledo High School will max out in five years. 

The board is faced with how to provide facilities for the virtual flood of students expected at all levels in the next 5-10 years, but Bohn pointed out to the board that the task must begin now for the onerous task of planning for secondary schools. 

One attribute the school district has in its favor is its handling of bond finances. 

Click here to download the presentation made to the  Aledo School Board on Monday, January 25.

Bohn pointed out to the board that through its financial advisors (BOK), the district has saved local taxpayers $48.2 million through managing bond debt. She said BOK has begun an analysis of the district’s available debt capacity for an upcoming bond election. 

Another plus in the district’s favor is its historic overall tax rate, which has dropped steadily from $1.5950 to $1.3929 over the past four years. 

Because new learning space will be necessary in two years at the elementary level, new learning space will be needed in five years at the high school level, and because the construction market and supply chain issues are challenging, the district will convene a committee for bond and long-range planning. 

Bohn’s proposal, which the board adopted, is for an “Aledo Growth Committee” constituted of the following: 

  • Two community co-chairs 
  • Approximately 40-45 members: 
  • 1 parent recommended from each campus (10-11 total) 
  • 1 teacher recommended from each campus (10-11 total) 
  • 1 community member appointed by each board member (7 total) 
  • District administration recommendations (approx. 5 total) 
  • Remainder from community member application process 
    (approximately 8-10) 

 The charge to the Aledo Growth Committee is to: 

  • represent the priorities, expectations and values of the entire community, 
  • consider the needs of all of the district’s students, 
  • use facts and data to make informed decisions, 
  • understand the district’s finances to develop a program that is fiscally sound and efficient, 
  • recommend a long-range facility master plan that meets the district’s building capacity needs into the future, and 
  • recommend to the Board of Trustees a bond program for a possible upcoming bond election. 
  • The growth committee will commit to meet 10 times for about 2.5 hours each meeting. With one exception, the committee will meet on Mondays at 6 p.m. 

Anyone wishing to serve on the Aledo Growth Committee can apply here. Deadline to apply is Aug. 12, 2022. 

More information on the Aledo Growth Committee can be found at https://www.aledoisd.org/agc. 

This article appears in the July 29, 2012 issue of The Community News.


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