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2023 Eclipse Brings Pure Joy to Weatherford Seniors


WEATHERFORD, TX — On October 14, 2023, the Eclipse of 2023 transformed the skies over Weatherford and brought pure joy to the residents and staff at West Fork at Weatherford Senior Living. The sight of this celestial event left residents and staff members with genuinely priceless smiles.
The eclipse, a rare phenomenon, captured the hearts and imagination of everyone at West Fork at Weatherford. As the moon's shadow slowly covered the sun, residents and staff gathered to witness this awe-inspiring spectacle, creating a shared moment of wonder and unity.
Residents and staff marveled at the beauty of the eclipse, which occurred in the afternoon hours. The team at West Fork a ensured that residents had access to safe viewing materials and information about the eclipse, enhancing the experience and ensuring the safety of all involved.


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