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Former Lippincott employee

May 14, 2012 by Editor

My name is Carla Jones-Barker; I was employed by the FORMER Parker County Tax-Assessor Collector Larry Lippincott. I started working for Larry on April 26, 2004 and was told by Mr. Lippincott that “my services were no longer needed” on May 25, 2006.

When I first started working for Mr. Lippincott it was right before the 2004 Primary Election took place. Mr. Lippincott only won the 2004 Primary Election by around 250 votes and he was not happy with that outcome and things in the office began to change. I saw firsthand the length Mr. Lippincott went to; to discharge or force the resignation of an employee he felt had not supported him during and after the 2004 Primary Election.

In March of 2005 I was subpoenaed for the Texas Workforce hearing for Ms. Rohus’s unemployment benefit case. The hearing was held over the phone in the County Treasures Office. Present at the hearing that day were myself, another employee the Treasurer Jim Thorpe and the Assistant County Attorney Fred Barker and Mr. Lippincott.

After we were all sworn in Mr. Lippincott said he didn’t want to go through with the hearing - just let Ms. Rohus have her unemployment, but the representative for the Texas Workforce told Mr. Lippincott everyone had been sworn in and the hearing had to proceed, at that point Mr. Lippincott got up and left the office.

Everyone in the office just looked at each other wondering what the heck just happened, on the other end of the phone the representative for the Texas Workforce heard the door shut and asked who just left the room when she was told Mr. Lippincott had left the hearing she didn’t sound very happy with that fact and said let’s move forward.

During this hearing I testified under oath that I thought Ms. Rohus was being singled out, harassed and treated unfairly by Mr. Lippincott and his new Chief Deputy. After my testimony and while the hearing was still being recorded I made the remark “well I just lost my job”
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Mr. Thorp and Mr. Baker started waving their hands at me and told me to “be quiet”. A couple of weeks went by without incident and then one of my fellow employees told me that Mr. Lippincott had requested and received a tape of the hearing, well it wasn’t long before I was sent to work in the Willow Park office, then to the Springtown office. Even though I lived in Millsap at the time and these drives were much longer I tried my best to do my job and move forward.

When it was clear to Mr. Lippincott that I was not going to quit, he brought me back to the main office and started the harassment just as he had done with Ms. Rohus. Looking back I should have filed a complaint with the County Attorney’s office under the whistleblower protection act but I had had enough of Mr. Lippincott and his Chief Deputy's games.

I found another job, put my two weeks’ notice and Mr. Lippincott accepted it. Two hours later he came to me and told me my “services were no longer needed.” That just shows how Mr. Lippincott treated his personnel.

I sincerely urge the voters of Parker County to Re-Elect Marjorie King Tax Assessor-Collector.

- Carla Jones-Barker



May 15, 2012 by LIPPINCOTT3, 2 years 41 weeks ago
Comment: 194

Carla Jones-Barker is being very dishonest with her rendition of the facts. This is a misinformation campaign. It's mudslinging. It is clear that Ms. King's supporters will say or do anything to get her re-elected. These are lies.
Ms. King is asking to be re-elected to a 5th term. She has held this job for 16 years and is drawing both salary and retirement pay for the same job. That is to long. She needs to retire (again).

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