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The Community News RSS Feeds

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication" is a great way of receiving just the news you are interested in on your computer or electronic device.

Because all content on The Community News' Web site is categorized, you can receive "news feeds" regarding the specific topics you are interested in.

At the bottom of each story is a list of categories for that story. For example, a story might be in the categories "Sports" and "Aledo High School." See the figure below:


If you click on one of the categories, you will see a list of all stories in that category. But more importantly, you will see the orange RSS icon:

By clicking on the icon, you will be taken to that topic's RSS Feed. The Internet address (URL) for that feed can be copied and entered into an RSS reader. Once that happens, anytime a story is posted in your favorite topic, you will receive it through your RSS reader.

Links to RSS Readers
Try one of the following RSS readers:

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