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Guest Columns and Letters to the Editor

Concerns about King

May 21, 2012 by Editor

I recently attended a candidate forum and appreciated the opportunity to attend and meet all the candidates.

I have a few comments I want to share with the voters of Parker County. I heard Ms. King say that she is currently receiving a county retirement benefit check in addition to her current salary as the Tax Assessor Collector.

This seems unethical and I believe it is double dipping at the taxpayer’s expense. She is asking the average citizen to pay both a monthly county retirement check and a regular county payroll check at the same time.
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Former Lippincott employee

May 14, 2012 by Editor

My name is Carla Jones-Barker; I was employed by the FORMER Parker County Tax-Assessor Collector Larry Lippincott. I started working for Larry on April 26, 2004 and was told by Mr. Lippincott that “my services were no longer needed” on May 25, 2006.

When I first started working for Mr. Lippincott it was right before the 2004 Primary Election took place. Mr. Lippincott only won the 2004 Primary Election by around 250 votes and he was not happy with that outcome and things in the office began to change. I saw firsthand the length Mr. Lippincott went to; to discharge or force the resignation of an employee he felt had not supported him during and after the 2004 Primary Election.

In March of 2005 I was subpoenaed for the Texas Workforce hearing for Ms. Rohus’s unemployment benefit case. The hearing was held over the phone in the County Treasures Office. Present at the hearing that day were myself, another employee the Treasurer Jim Thorpe and the Assistant County Attorney Fred Barker and Mr. Lippincott.

After we were all sworn in Mr. Lippincott said he didn’t want to go through with the hearing - just let Ms. Rohus have her unemployment, but the representative for the Texas Workforce told Mr. Lippincott everyone had been sworn in and the hearing had to proceed, at that point Mr. Lippincott got up and left the office.

Everyone in the office just looked at each other wondering what the heck just happened, on the other end of the phone the representative for the Texas Workforce heard the door shut and asked who just left the room when she was told Mr. Lippincott had left the hearing she didn’t sound very happy with that fact and said let’s move forward.

During this hearing I testified under oath that I thought Ms. Rohus was being singled out, harassed and treated unfairly by Mr. Lippincott and his new Chief Deputy. After my testimony and while the hearing was still being recorded I made the remark “well I just lost my job”
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About Judge Trey Loftin

May 14, 2012 by Editor

This letter is to encourage you to vote for the man best qualified to serve as judge of the 43rd District Court in Parker County. I personally know Judge Trey Loftin. I know him and I know his wife, Jennifer, and their children. There is a reason Judge Loftin was appointed by Governor Perry to fill the unexpired term of Judge Don Chrestman when he retired.

Judge Loftin presented himself to Governor Perry and his aide to be the right choice for the job. The Senate agreed with the Governor.
There are four reasons I think Governor Perry showed good judgment.
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Judge Loftin is Competent
Judge Loftin graduated from Baylor University. Next he attended Cambridge University, and then went to the University of Tulsa College of Law. There, he won a scholarship, was on law journal and was president of the honor society. He served as a criminal prosecutor in Tarrant County and never lost a felony jury trial. He was just as effective in private practice and won
jury trials for some of the most serious type of cases as well. He is Board Certified in Criminal Law.

Judge Loftin is Capable

Stolen Campaign Signs

May 10, 2012 by Editor

My husband and I moved to Parker County almost five years ago, and I have never gotten over how wonderful it is to drive back home every evening after a long day of work in Fort Worth. Each evening, as I make that turn on 1187 and come through Aledo, then follow the curve around onto Old Annetta Road, I feel a sense of gratitude as I get closer to our home in Deer Creek.

Lately, the last few miles of the drive has been dotted with a number of campaign signs, both for our municipal elections and the upcoming primary later this month.
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Letter from the Mayor of Annetta

May 7, 2012 by Editor

Elections are funny things. Most Americans don’t vote or even choose to be involved in the process until they become angry about something, whether real or perceived.

Let’s face it, what the average citizen knows about what is going on it's usually learned “over the fence” by someone that doesn’t like what they believe to be happening or more likely has an agenda to do something self serving.

A visit to a City Hall can be a lot like sitting at the airport, watching the various people come and go while listening in on the conversations.

Sometimes the loudest words get our attention while actually communicating nothing of real value only an idea or attitude about what should or shouldn’t happen in their opinion.
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In support of Judge Ben Akers

May 3, 2012 by Editor

This letter is written in support of Judge Ben Akers, an experienced, well-respected judge.

Judge Akers is up for re-election as Judge of County Court at Law Number 2.

He has been licensed to practice law since 1987 and has lived in Parker County since 1988. He is a valued member of our community.

Judge Akers’ opponent is Debra Rogers, previously known as Debra Dupont. She has not practiced law in several years – she has instead attended seminary school at SMU.
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Two Candidates We Don’t Need

May 3, 2012 by Editor

First is Bill Lunsford. I judge him to be a good person. One of faith and strong ethics. He’s made some positive contributions to council’s decisions.

As important as these things are, the town’s issues one supports are fundamental. 1. He doesn’t support the two acre lot size requirement. 2. He doesn’t believe his basic task is to represent the voters by voting the way the majority of them want. He thinks he knows best without asking the people what they want. 3. He has never known an Annetta Council “regime” except the previous one run by a developer, which was an aberration. Our town has 30 years of history and most of it was very different from his experience. 4. I’m puzzled by his use of the term “re-elect”. He was selected by the council to fill a vacancy. At the election time in 2010, all councilmen whose terms were over were unopposed, and consequently he has not experienced being elected by the people. In short, a very good man with the wrong attitudes for what the town of Annetta needs.
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Concerns about Lipincott

May 3, 2012 by Editor

On March 7, 2012 I came across a website “Parker County Blog” as a long time resident of Parker County I am always curious to find out what is going on in my County, when I entered the site I found several great items to read.

I came across one item that definitely got my attention “Lippincott files for Tax-Assessor Collector.”

Mr. Lippincott had blogged information about his past work history and other credentials. In response to Mr. Lippincott’s bio was a reply from someone going by the name of “Watcher," it was short and sweet and to the affect that “Watcher” would not vote for Mr. Lippincott because of the past lawsuit and because the incumbent Marjorie King was doing such a wonderful job, well the rant of a reply from Mr. Lippincott that followed was rather shocking.

Many Parker County Residents may perceive Mr. Lippincott writings (which I have included along with this letter) as being a very angry, bitter man which we do not need in office.
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Support for Marjorie King

May 3, 2012 by Editor

There is only one qualified candidate in the tax assessor-collector’s race and she will get my vote.

Thank you, Marjorie King, for bringing integrity back to the office. Does Mr. Lippincott think the voters have forgotten about his lawsuit?

He demanded to know who his employees voted for and when they wouldn’t tell him, they were fired. Don’t we still live in America?

Two of the employees sued him for 1.5 million dollars. The Hardy lawsuit was dismissed but he was found guilty of violating the other employee’s First Amendment rights.
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Debra Rogers = Debra Dupont

May 3, 2012 by Editor

Why is Debra Rogers, who is the same person as Debra Dupont, running for office claiming to be a “Conservative Republican”?

I personally observed a Mark White (Democratic candidate for Texas Governor) yard sign in her front yard and an Obama for President sticker on the back of her family’s car.

Changing your name to hide your past actions and changing your party affiliation to garner votes falls far below the integrity threshold of someone seeking election to a judicial position.

Please join me in voting for a true conservative Republican and a terrific Judge – Ben Akers!

- Deborah Kernan, The Kernan Law Firm

Sports Calendar

Monday, February 8

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    JV- 4 p.m.

    Freshman- 6 p.m.

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Tuesday, February 9

  • AHS at Burleson;

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  • AHS Ladycats at Burleson;

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  • AHS Varsity vs. Burleson at AHS; 7:45 p.m.

Friday, February 12

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    JV- 5 p.m.

    9th A- 5 p.m.

  • AHS Varsity at Birdville HS Tournament; all day

  • AHS Varsity Ladycats at Granbury; 6 p.m.

  • AHS Varsity at Granbury; 7:45 p.m.

Saturday, February 13

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  • AHS Ladycats Scrimmage vs. Weatherford at AHS;

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